Guernica Remakings in Mulabari Village, Nepal, April 2023: in pictures

In view of the Himalayas – the Guernica Remakings exhibition was exhibited in Mulabari village in the Dhading District of Nepal, 7- 10 April 2023.

We joined Savina Tarsitano (Pistoletto Foundation), Takuya Kaneda (Kids’ Guernica), Asuka Ishii and Kuniyoshi Murata (P3578). They all have sustained collaborations with the people of Mulabari village through Handsom Lila, a secondary school teacher and researcher.

Looking together at the Keiskamma Guernica, made in the village of Hamburg in South Africa evoked the sharing of experiences in Mulabari village in Nepal, notably the loss of a child. A powerful reminder of the universal nature of grief and the love of a mother for her child. To find out more please see our web page Guernica Remakings in Mulabari Village, 2023: in pictures.