Guernica Remakings at Espronceda, Barcelona, Spain, January – February 2023

A year on, the war continues to rage in the Ukraine. Many displaced families, seeking refuge from the conflict are now living in Barcelona, Spain.

Dr Nicola Ashmore joined Savina Tarsitano in Barcelona for the Cultural Diplomacy, Art, Peace and Solidarity project, in partnership with the German Consulate in Barcelona. The Guernica Remakings exhibition was on display at Espronceda Art Centre, 24 January – 27 February 2023, alongside the group show “Dialogue” curated by Savina Tarsitano and Victoria Tissot, featuring 8 artists in residence.

The Guernica Remakings exhibition displayed for the first time the Kids’ Guernica canvas made in Hamburg, South Africa in October 2022 by the families involved in the Keiskamma Art Project. This created an inspiring environment for the new peace painting Kids’ Guernica workshop with families and children from Ukraine and Spain now living in Barcelona. To find out more please see our web page Guernica Remakings at Espronceda, Bacelona, Spain, 23 January – 27 February 2023.