Guernica Remakings at Sirjana College of Fine Arts, Nepal, April 2023: in pictures

Creative thinking on display! It was a joy to work with students and staff at Sirjana College of Fine Arts to install the Guernica Remakings exhibition, 11- 13 April 2023.

Discussions and images were generated on equality for women, the fall of corruption and the need for the caste system to fade further into the past. The students effectively worked together on their contribution to the Kids’ Guernica canvas started in Mulabari village, Nepal.

Art practices and art activist projects were presented by Takuya Kaneda, Kuniyoshi Murata, Asuka Ishii, Savina Tarsitano, Carolyn Watt, Nicola Ashmore. Encouraging discussions on the role of art and artists. To find out more please see our web page Guernica Remakings at Sirjana College of Fine Arts, 2023: in pictures.