North with South

Written by Nicola Ashmore

As I sat in the gallery in Brighton, UK in 2017, in the midst of the Guernica Remakings exhibition I knew then I wanted to tour the exhibition. 

Two years in the making the exhibition went on tour in 2019. The tour built upon connections that had come about through the first exhibition and was a great opportunity to develop the collaborative nature of the project.

Working with local and international artists, collectives, libraries, peace projects and charities, I aimed to facilitate an environment to cultivate different artistic ways of working with a focus on art as an empowering force.

We documented the tour and below is the film we made, come meet everyone involved:

Thanks to:

Lynette Cawthra
The Working Class Movement Library

Claire Hignett
Islington Mill Art Academy

Chris McCabe
The National Poetry Library
Southbank Centre

So Mayer
Richard Price

Gaston Valayden
Trup Sapsiway

Serge Attukwei Clottey
Savina Tarsitano
Kids Guernica

Veronica Betani
Saneliswa Maxengana
Cebo Mvubu
Novuyani Peyi
Keiskamma Trust

Sultana Haukim
Krishna Luchoomun

Salim Currimjee

Marie-Noelle Ramdeen
Jamel Colin
Future Hope, Mauritius

The Arts and Humanities Research Council
Centre for Design History, University of Brighton
University of Brighton